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Gift Wrapping

One Word:   Complimentary.

Yes - you read that correctly.  Free.  No additional cost.  

Every thoughtful gift should be beautifully wrapped, presented in an elegant and professional manner.  We are no exception to this unwritten rule of etiquette.  Especially for Realtors - when you are pressed for time, wrapping a Closing Gift can feel like a huge mountain to scale.

Whether you order one item or five items for a particular closing, we will happily gift wrap your items with care as part of our service at no additional cost.  

All of our gift wrap - paper, ribbon, boxes, and bags - is gender neutral.  We pride ourselves on making our gift wrap selections both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional for ease of transport.

Personalization Opportunities

Interested in partnering with The Closing Collective to have your personal or organization logo appear on your closing gifts?  Fantastic!  Reach out to us by clicking the button below.

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