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A simple idea of service, rooted in gratitude.

Developed by a Realtor for other Realtors.


Jill Halloran


Residential & Commercial Real Estate Agents will all tell you...


There is never enough time.

Markets ebb and flow.  What never changes, however, are the number and complexity of steps required for a smooth transaction.  Showings, photography, negotiations, contracts, inspections, lending - a plethora of work completed - all too often transparent to the buyer and seller.

However, no matter the time and effort committed each and every sale, all Realtors want to say one thing to their clients:

Thank you.

The Closing Collective was founded to address a simple need: assist Real Estate Agents, Lenders, and all those involved in each transaction an easy, effective way to help show their gratitude to their clients.

We are purveyors and curators of high-quality, unique Closing Gifts.

Your job is simple: Select your Closing Gifts and provide us with your Closing Date.

We will then gift wrap and deliver your selected Closing Gifts to your Brokerage or Title Company on-time for your closing.

And my thanks to you for choosing The Closing Collective!   Give Graciously!

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