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Real Estate Brokerage or Title Company

TCC Delivery Radius Map.png

We go the extra mile, quite literally.

Weeks and months of focused effort and attention have all lead to this moment - you are now just days away from closing.

As Real Estate Agents, we know full well these last few days leading up to your closing are often hectic and unpredictable, filled with long hours and the need to pivot your attention at any moment.

The Closing Collective understands - so let us get this for you.

Within a thirty (30) mile radius of Moore, Oklahoma, we will gladly deliver your gifts to either your Real Estate Brokerage or to the Title Company where your closing will take place - all for a nominal fee of $4.99 per order.

Focus on what matters - your client.  Let us focus on making you look the thoughtful and caring Real Estate Agent you really are - with a little help from us.  

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